Printing on 100 percent polyester

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Want to print on 100% or polyester blend and have custom-designed activewear?

Elite DTG got you covered. Not a lot of printers and inks out there can print on all types of fabrics. Fabrics made from natural fibres bonds well with the ink however synthetic fibres such as polyester, are porous and are made of plastic fibres making it challenging for water-based DTG inks to bond. 

Environmentally ink

Our printer uses the best and the most environmentally friendly CYMK ink. The ink would bind into each garment fibres and not sit on top. Here’s a video demonstrating the award-winning FreeJet 330TX Plus DTG printer printing a full-colour image on 100% black polyester.

The FreeJet 330TX Plus is the only DTG printer on the market that can print on any garment from light cotton all the way up to dark polyester.


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